After suiting up, enter the Chilkoot Chill, experiment with the environment, and take some spectacular photographs.

Learn about the effects of sub-zero temperatures on the people and animals in the north.

Feel them yourself for a few minutes!

What do 40-below temperatures feel like? Experience it yourself!

Experience the cold of a Klondike winter with a 40-below experience. Enter the staging area and learn about the effects of low temperatures on humans and animals alike. Suit up in warm layers and enter the cold chamber where you will see and feel the effects of extreme cold. You will see an experiment with water and experiment yourself with objects in the deep freeze. 

Sit on our ice throne and enjoy a re-creation of the northern lights on the ceiling of the chamber. Don’t worry – you won’t be in there long and there is hot chocolate, coffee, and tea available in our Snack Shack! A visit to Dredge Town is included in the price of your ticket.