Shore Excursions to Alaska 360's Dredge Town

Gold Panning, Sled Dogs & 40 Below

  • 3 Hours
  • Booking Number: 36904

Gold Panning

Live the life of a Sourdough! Come learn to pan for gold and put your new skills into practice as you find your riches in our covered warm-water troughs. Gold is guaranteed and so is a good time.

  • Guided Tour (English)
  • 40 Minutes to 1 Hour

Sled Dog Demonstration

Learn about modern day dog sled racing and the Gold Rush history at Alaska 360’s Dredge Town. Meet a seasoned musher and his team of sled dogs and puppies. You’ll get to interact with the dogs and watch them in action. Puppy kisses guaranteed!

  • Guided Tour (English)
  • 1 Hour

40 Below Experience

Experience the chill of being on the Iditarod trail in 40-below temperatures. After suiting up, enter the Chilkoot Chill, experiment with the environment and take some spectacular photographs. Learn about the effects of sub-zero temperatures on the people and animals in the north. Feel them yourself for a few minutes!

  • Guided Tour (English)
  • 15 Minutes

Come to Alaska 360’s Dredge Town where you will be immersed in the history of the Klondike Gold Rush. Pan for gold, meet our sled dogs and their puppies, and experience the cold of an Iditarod race in a 40° degree below zero room.

Your adventure begins as you board your motor coach for a ride through the historic streets of downtown Skagway to Alaska 360’s Dredge Town.

Once there, meet your guide and watch a video presentation introducing you to the dogs and highlights of what winter dog sledding is like today. Meet the dog team and watch them exhibit discipline and enthusiasm in a demonstration sled run. Interact with the dogs and hold the puppies. After layering up, step into the cold chamber and experience the cold of an Iditarod race in a 40° degree below zero room.

Next, get ready to warm up with a little gold fever. Learn the art of panning for gold with a humorous and educational show that promises to teach you everything you need to know. Practice your technique in warm water troughs. Gold is guaranteed! Once you've hit pay dirt, weigh your fortune with our assayers and visit our Gold Parlor for a selection of mining equipment and nuggets.

Use your free time to shop our very special Alaskan gifts and souvenirs and our Snack Shack for home-baked cookies, drinks, and treats. Take in a brief film of the northern lights, our dredge, or Charlie Chaplin in The Gold Rush. Dredge Town is filled with photo opportunities and places of interest. Use our costumes to take period pictures of yourself. Stroll the grounds and enjoy the interactive displays and surrounding scenery which includes great views of the Harding Glacier and the Skagway River.

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