Pass through our tunnel of gold with your costumed guide and travel back to 1898.

Enter the Gold Rush Training Camp, where you will learn to extract paydirt, help sluice it, and assay the results. Be careful! There are lots of townspeople who will entertain and try to get your money before you leave for the north. 

You will receive tools, a Cheechako Handbook, some "Klondike Kash" and the training you need to make your fortune in the Klondike. Your guide will instruct and entertain you.


Gold! Gold! Gold! That was the headline in 1898 and it is the spirit of this tour.

Learn about the ton of goods, the trails to the north, and the lure of the gold. Create your own plan for yourself and then check out if it will work.




At the General Store you will get your ton of goods, some Klondike Cash, and a taste of our hand-crafted sodas to start you on your way.




Go to the training camp with your guide and test the skills you need. You will get to assay your results and keep what you find. There is plenty of entertainment at the training camp with a cast of characters that will make your experience memorable. Come as a Cheechako but leave as a Seasoned Sourdough!