Tours for Independent Travellers to Alaska 360's Dredge Town


  • 3 Hours

Gold Panning

Live the life of a Sourdough! Come learn to pan for gold and put your new skills into practice as you find your riches in our covered warm-water troughs. Gold is guaranteed and so is a good time.

  • Guided Tour (English)
  • 40 Minutes to 1 Hour

Visit Dredge Town

Simply enjoy our beautiful scenery and attractions including movies, shows, interactive displays, museums, our snack shack, gift shop, Alaskan BBQ, and a self-guided tour of an authentic gold dredge. Dress up in costumes to make every picture you take more fun.

  • Self-Guided Tour
  • No Time Limit
  • Multilingual

Come to Alaska 360’s Dredge Town where you will be immersed in the history of the Klondike Gold Rush.

Learn the art of panning for gold with a humorous and educational show that promises to teach you everything you need to know. Practice your technique in warm water troughs. Gold is guaranteed! Once you've hit pay dirt, weigh your fortune with our assayers and visit our Gold Parlor for a selection of mining equipment and nuggets.

Use your free time to shop our very special Alaskan gifts and souvenirs and our Snack Shack for home-baked cookies, drinks, and treats. Take in a brief film of the northern lights, our dredge, or Charlie Chaplin in The Gold Rush. Dredge Town is filled with photo opportunities and places of interest. Use our costumes to take period pictures of yourself. Stroll the grounds and enjoy the interactive displays and surrounding scenery which includes great views of the Harding Glacier and the Skagway River.



We are easily accessible to travelers by the SMART bus which runs frequently directly to and from Dredge Town. The tours offered as separate, independent tours, include gold panning which can simply be bought as a one-off experience all throughout the day, and a ticket to Dredge Town that allows you to see all the attractions on our site including a self-guided tour of the dredge, museums, movies, displays, photo booth and gift shop.

Please make sure that you contact us in advance to inquire about our hours of operation on the day of your arrival. 

Adult rate: US$ 30
Child rate: US$ 25 

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