Learn more about modern day dog sled racing and the Gold Rush history at Alaska 360’s Dredge Town. Meet a seasoned musher and his team of sled dogs and puppies.

Sled dogs and so much more!

Learn more about modern sled dog racing and the Gold Rush history. Meet a seasoned musher who will give a video presentation that introduces dogs of the Klondike Gold Rush and highlights winter dog sledding of today. Have a stop at the checkpoint tent where the musher will introduce all the gear taken for the dogs on long-distance races like the Iditarod. 

The sled dogs and puppies are eagerly waiting to greet you. Meet the team and watch as the musher hooks them up to a sled for a practice run. They will demonstrate their discipline and enthusiasm with a fast lap around the track. Afterwards, you are invited to interact with the dogs and hold the puppies. A visit to Dredge Town is included in the price or your ticket.