Welcome to Dredge Town

Your Day in Skagway

Welcome to Dredge Town

Your Day in Skagway

Welcome to Dredge Town

Your Day in Skagway

Welcome to Dredge Town

Your Day in Skagway

Welcome to Dredge Town

Your Day in Skagway

Welcome to Dredge Town

Your Day in Skagway

Welcome to Dredge Town

Your Day in Skagway

Gold Panning

Feel the lure of gold and experience the life of a prospector!

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Dredge Tour

Take a tour of an authentic gold dredge!

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Visit Dredge Town

Simply enjoy the beautiful scenery and attractions of our site!

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Sled Dog Demonstration

Our sled dogs and puppies are eagerly waiting to greet you!

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40 Below Experience

Experience the cold of a 40-below Klondike winter!

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Soda Factory Tour

Take a tour of our Gold Rush Root Beer, Howlin’ Cream Soda & Wild Ginger Ale production!

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The Alaskan BBQ

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Skagway Highlights

My family greatly enjoyed our visit to Alaska 360 in Skagway's Dredge Town. We saw sled dogs, panned for gold, and went into a 40 below chamber. See my review for Gold Rush Dog Tours to read about the sled dog portion. For gold panning, we got a demonstration by Charlie. He was quite a character! But once we started the process ourselves, we were well prepared. When we weighed our gold, we had $41 worth! We put the gold into a pendant for my daughter for $25. The cold chamber was freezing, but luckily they had extra coats for us to wear. The afternoon was a fun way to learn about Skagway's Gold Rush history and create memories with my family!

Nheinlein (June 2019)

Amazing Adventure

We recently visited as part of cruise to Alaska. We had the pleasure of meeting Gold Beard at our ship and he was our guide throughout the day. He was Amazing! He was a class act in terms of being entertaining but also extremely knowledgeable as we took the scenic train ride. He was quick to point out every photo opportunity so we were able to get some awesome shots. We did the gold panning and sled dog puppies as well and these were also very well done and informative. My kids (6 and 10) had a blast. Awesome time and amazing guide in Gold Beard!!!

Dembrey1980 (June 2019)

Run to Alaska 360

Runaway Jim guided us through a seven hour tour. His historical knowledge of the Skagway community, clever anecdotes, and enthusiasm for the Alaskan lifestyle could not have been more entertaining. The tour included a demonstration from Kaci, presently training for the next Iditarod; a chat with Matt( a 7x Iditarod champion) who introduced us to the sled dogs and let us pet the puppies; and a gold panning experience with Riffles where you keep the small pieces you find from the exercise. The tour ended in a well narrated not to be missed train ride.

ari_abraham (June 2019)

Well worth it

We booked a package through Royal Caribbean that included the Dog Sledding demonstration, 40 Below, gold panning and the White Pass train ride. I worried that it may not be worth the steep ticket price but WOW; we were not disappointed. Aurora May was our guide. She was friendly, knowledgable and efficient throughout the day. The gold panning experience was novel and fun; we each found gold and had it assessed. The train ride was breathtaking. Aurora narrated the trip up the mountain, supplementing the information provided by the train's guide. She provided us with a sparkling cider toast & snack at the summit. Standing outside the train, on the small balcony was exhilarating!

oilyotkate (June 2019)

Alaska 360 knows how to run a company

First and foremost, Chillkoot Jenkins was amazing. A real stand up guy. He is very passionate about his job and the company he works for. Through NCL on the Bliss we took an excursion which began with panning for gold, time with sled dogs and then a ride on the white pass railroad. In short, we got a little taste of everything Skagway had to offer and I highly recommend this excursion.

Seany527, Albany, New York (July 2018)

Best tour in Skagway!

My husband and I and our 3 children enjoyed a wonderful day of gold panning, sled dogs and puppies and a beautiful White Pass train ride. We had a great day and a great guide named Chilcoot Jenkins who gave us tons of information all day long in character! Thanks for a wonderful time!

lfaulk1997, Warren, Ohio (June, 2018)

Well worth the excursion

We came in on Royal Carribbean's Radience. From the advice of another couple we were traveling with we took the excursion. The white pass train was amazing, and Alaska is amazing. We were lucky to have a guitar playing tour guide play and sing for us. After the train ride we got to pan for gold. The pans were pres-seeded but it was fun..I'm rich I got $18.00 worth of gold. Next was the Iditarod portion. They explained what they do du ring the race. It's truly a grueling race. Next we got to see the sled dogs. They brought them out and we were able to pet them. They hooked the dogs up to the sled and did a run. These dogs love to run. After that we were lucky that one of the dogs had puppies and we were able to hold them. Special thanks to our hosts Matt Hayashida, Kaci Murringer, and Emma Rose Chong. If you are going to Skagway, Alaska 360 is a must.

Robert P, Oviedo (June, 2018)

What an amazing place

We loved this. We panned for gold, learned about the Iditarod, met sled dogs and sled puppies, went into a super-cold chamber, and toured an old gold dredge. Holding sled dog puppies was a highlight, but every part of it was a ton of fun! Don’t miss this in Skagway! For some reason it’s not categorized as a “thing to do” for TripAdvisor Skagway, which appears to be a mistake.

ELLIOT SY D (June, 2018)

Worth every penny!

We were part of a tour arranged by the Royal Caribbean Radience staff! In port we were met by Dakota Panning in 1880’s attire. She was our guide for the train to White Summit aboard a restored turn of the century train. She was marvelous! Informative and entertaining! The train wove it’s way up the mountain while Dakota told us the history of the gold mining era. After we reached the Summits Dakota sang period, folksy songs on the return to the station. We then went to the Alaska 360 complex. Panned for gold, experienced -40 degrees, and learned about the Iditarod from a real competitor and sled dog demo, complete with meeting the future sled dogs! We had a wonderful time. The adventure was a highlight of our trip!

Thomas H (June, 2018)

Best excursion!

When we signed up for this excursion, we didn't know about all of the amazing things Alaska 360 had to offer! We got to meet sled dogs and puppies, pan for our own gold, go on a tour of an old dredge machine, and do many other fun activities! Our tour guide, Longshot Liz, made the whole experience very fun and enjoyable! The lunch that we got inside their restaurant was also very good! Overall, this was the best excursion we went on in Alaska.

Sophie K (August, 2017)

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